This Thing Called Love

Dear Diary, Isn't it funny how after a terrible heartbreak you tell yourself I'm done with men. I'm going to just enjoy my singleness in peace. You take back your place as President Single Ladies Association of Nigeria and post every meme about "Single and Proud" and then you meet one fine brother looking like [...]


Church Chronicles

Dear Diary, Today, I went to church. Thirty minutes into the service, I was already itching to leave. The service was a drag as usual. I had many rolling my eyes moments. Like the time, the Pastor announced that the interpreter had a cough and so another person would be taking his place. Who cares [...]

My Open Secret

Growing up, I loved to read. I read all manner of books from Children’s comic to Religious books, Science Fiction and even read a few books on Astro Physics, Philosophy and Psychology. For someone with an inquisitive mind like mine however, Diaries were my favourite things to read in the whole world. I loved to [...]